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That's lovely, Gail. Here's my Sunday Morning:

Why did I not mow boldly
on the Thursday of dry homes?
Why did I not? I am the sin of sloth.
It’s been enough, these days of rain,
to fertilize the shame of my lawn.


Nice, Sean. I should have mowed Thursday too.


Well, I did mow Thursday, and I've been sick with allergies ever since. I shoulda gone with sloth.

Scott P

Good stuff, both of you!


Jule, you stay away from them sloths. They look cute and cuddly and all, but they'll rip your guts out with their claws the first time you forget to bring them a cold beer afterwards.


Afterwards? After WHAT, Gail? Is this some kinda Slothback Mountain thing?

Major John

That sounds like Jeff Goldstein's armadillo, not a sloth.


Little bastard must be incognito.

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