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Scott P

Morning, all.

Hey, SS got a nice review over at my place!


I'm on that Scott! :) What's for breakfast??


Ana: I can only surmise that you are so jealous about my new Cabana Boy client, that you just can't mount any kind of a response. Hang in there, someday, sometime, a Cabana Boy is going to walk right into your office,too--probably at the precise moment to expect to see another real estate developer!

Scott P

Hadn't thought about it yet, JBelle. Thanks for the nice comment on my Friday Funny thread. Because of it, I decided to offer a $5 off coupon on a six-pack of SS until Wednesday, just use the coupon code "bunny" and click "apply".


Maybe Ana hasn't read your previous post, JBelle. I'm sure her reaction would have been volcanic.


I didn't know there were cabanas IN the Pacific Northwest.


Gail, neither did I. But he came right in to my office, schlepping his W-2 from the Grand Wailea and as a matter of habit, I said So tell me: what did you do at the Grand Wailea, Taylor? And says he


I thought for sure Ana was standing in my doorway, laughing her face off. But there was no one there. I got up and went all the way out to the reception area--no Ana, no one laughing. I came back in and sat down with Mr. Boy and said ya gonna do an IRA?

Koala Bear

Oh, shit. That's just too damned good. Did he do a little Cabana Boy Dance? Because that's critical.

I was there in spirit. Did you manage not to snort before he left?? I don't thing I could have managed it.


hell, I didn't know whether I was afoot or horseback. But I'm just about positive he mentioned something about wanting to dance for me in the same breath as "traditional not Roth".


That's one saucy Koala Bear, no?

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