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It is obviously not "our" problem, unless you consider yourself a citizen of the planet. Which I do. Especially since the battle involves radical Islam. Anyway, I had too much to say on this topic, and took it to my own blog.


I watched Hotel Rwanda for the first time yesterday, and to watch the UN go through the same helpless hand wringing today over Darfur is absolutely sickening.

Should I be surprised? I saw the UN stand by and witness Somalia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Iraq and now Darfur. If nothing else, the UN has become the best witnessing body of atrocities in world history--great at documenting brutality even as they fear having to do anything about it.

Somehow I think the dues the US pays to the esteemed UN should be for something a bit more than "expert witness" on systematic killing.


All the more reason for bulldozing the UN into the East River. I'm tentatively hopeful that our new Conservative government will right so many wrongs ... but they tread very carefully as a minority at the moment.


That movie is just painful. But, you know - to "do something" in Sudan means we'd have to go kill some people (the people currently doing the killing) - and OBL and friends are gonna get even madder at us (see, we'd be making MORE terrorists.) We should just let all those innocent brown people die, because 1) it's none of our business and 2) innocents, who are currently flying kites in Darfur might get caught in the cross-fire.

NO BLOOD FOR subsistence agriculture,

Rob B.

Mabye we could send the French and Spanish governmenst over to placate them. After all they do it so well in thier own countires.


I have a great idea. We could send all those demanding reparations from slavery to Sudan. Repatriate them. With that clown from the Black Panthers (or is it "the New Black Panthers" - I get them confused) leading the way.


Hmmmmm. I'm sensing some hostility...


It's ok, she's from Detroit.

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