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Jake Holmes

The Omen

"Those eyes will be the death of me.." thinks the alchemist, staring intently at the tiny photograph cupped carefully in the palm of his hand. He holds the picture close, protected from the rain that falls perpetually in his town, soaking his clothes and dripping from the brim of his hat. Through this tiny doorway he feels himself fall through a hole in the fabric of life to a place that existed long ago if at all. A time when, for one moment, the raindrops stopped and a ray of pure sunlight broke through the grey belly of the clouds and lit the world in technicolor fire. Across the table he studies her. Frozen forever in mid sip . On the surface, the mask.. cool and controlled, gives away nothing. The eyes say it better though. Glancing up, blue windows open upon a gentle, timid soul.. "It's me ! look at me!" it sings.. "Tell me who I am.. Tell me of the magic you see, because without you, I fear the mirror is empty.." Returning now to the day to day world he gently folds the worn picture and returns it to the safety of pocket next to his heart.

In the distance fingers of lightning dance along the skyline. He counts the seconds to the crack.. "A storm is coming" he thinks to himself. But even as this thought is formed, a single ray of sunshine , breaking through, pierces the dark... An omen.


It's like a ghost town around here.

Where's Julie? Where's Shell? Where's EVERYONE??


It's like the twilight zone, isn't it Ana? I won't be back online till sometime Saturday afternoon either. See y'all then.


They musta seen something nasty in the woodshed.

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