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Jake Holmes

No one has a thought on this ? I brought this in for some criticism, constructive or otherwise, from people that write and this is what I get.. Nada.. Zip.. Nothing.. =)

OK, let me pose this question.. Someone read this and misunderstood my meaning with the line "because without you, I fear the mirror is empty.." . She took it to mean that 'she' felt like she was nothing without me... but the way I meant it was that 'He' (L'Alchimiste) saw in her a magic and a beauty that she couldnt even see in herself, and he nourished her self esteem... her ego.
Do you like "... because without your eyes, I fear the mirror is empty.." better? Or "..without your eyes to see, I fear.."

It's usually enough just for me to know what I mean, but in this case language is a source of misunderstanding at a time that I really dont want to be misunderstood.

Any thoughts now ?


Sorry Jake, I got nothing. But if you need something fixed I'm your go to guy.
I think everbody else is gone on vacation.

Jake Holmes

Hahaha!Thanks Lloyd.. at least I know there's someone alive out there =)




Sorry, Jake. I've been swamped. I'll repost it when I can do it more justice.



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