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Rise and shine! Rise and shine! It's a new day.

Coffee's on.

prairie biker

Thanks Diana,

don't mind if I do.

prairie biker

I tell ya, I've got a headache to beat the band this morning and I just don't know why.


I've got a headache too, PB. My head is filled with snot.

prairie biker

Mine feels like someone whacked me with a mallet.


Hey, a serious question.. A website operator was arrested yesterday on Federal Obscenity charges for publishing written stories involving illegal sexual activities.. (sex and torture involving minors).. No pictures or that sort of thing, just written stories. When did the Federal Government start going after the written word again? I understand banning pictures because they involved a crime in their creation.. but the written word is pure imagination.. Forgetting the subject of the writings, isnt this a First Amendment freedom of speech issue? I thought this was a bridge that was crossed in the 70's..

prairie biker

As I recall Jake, any depiction of sex with a minor is strictly illegal.

Scott P

Morning, all! I see the morning shift beat me in today. Mmmmm, say is that coffee over there? Thanks!


I read De Sade's '120 days of Sodom' that I purchased at the local Barnes and Noble. It contained the gut churning descriptions of the forcible rape and graphic mutilation and murder of many minor children.. Anyone know exactly where the line is drawn?

I'm a very big 1st amendment supporter.. a purist.. I find any supression of the written word, regardless of subject, to be offensive.. As I walk through B&N or Borders I'm awed at the sheer amount of written thought that's amassed and available to the average person.. At the same time there is a good portion of it that I disagree with and much that I'm offended by.. but I cant imagine banning ANY of it...at least not from the eyes of consenting, free adults that can chose to read it or not...

The authorities claimed her site inspired pedophiled sadists to act out their fantasies.. What does De Sade (120 Days) or Brett Easton Ellis (American Psycho) or Anne Rice (Exit to Eden) inspire?


Personally, I agree with the idea that child pornography (either written graphic accounts or images) encourages pedophilia and should be illegal. Since pedophilia involves a consenting adult, but the object of desire is a child ... I have a major problem with that.

Do you not agree with the idea that porn - even written - can drive someone's sexual desire? And that if the drive being fueled is against innocents, do you not see a need to protect them? As a parent, and a victim of pedophilia, this is one issue where I stand firmly against the freedom of speech.

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