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Rob B.

Dr. Pepper?
Deliver Regan's Promise, Ever pacifing persian emirates (for) resources.


I don't think it's an acronym as much as it's a historical "face rub" naming a drink after an evil zionist doctor that harvested organs from arab children to use as ammo for skeet shooting until the technology for transplants became available.


His name was originally Pfeffer, but he changed it to "blend in."


Now you're catching on, man.. It's all tied together.. All part of the big picture run out of Area 51 by the Elders of Zion working in a loose alliance with The Greys and the preserved brain of Ronald Reagan (that speaks through a custom made voice synth like Dr. Stephen Hawking...)

Another Pepsi product.. Mt Dew.. Am I the only one that recognizes this as a thinly veiled allusion to "Mt Jew", i.e Mt Zion..? I think not.. Wake up and smell the coffee people.. How obvious do they have to be?

McVeigh saw what was going on...

Mr x

WOW, nice! i learned something useful. thank u :)

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