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If it was a llama then it was probably just what it seems.. an elderly dead llama.. but if it was an Alpaca.. they're real sluts.. Check it's laptop. It was probably hooking up with some weirdo from a BDSM chatroom.. Wouldnt be the first Alpaca to die that way..


Sorry.. that was very un-PC of me.. The above SHOULD read " MANY (but not all) Alpacan Americans are sluts..." Broad generalizations.. Perpetuating stereotypes.. I don't know what got into me...


Steve-O at the Llama Butchers says we should make memorial donations to the Camelid Regional Asphyxiophilia Association of Peru, and we all know what that means.


Sounds like a lot of craap to me.

Hopefully it's not a new Raiders tailgating ritual. But you never know... strange things are afoot at football games now

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