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Ah, idiotic internet pictures. My area of expertise.

A (not very in-depth) explanation of the "IM IN UR (noun) (verb)ING UR (noun)" internet meme can be found here. Probably the most well known/common one is this one. Quite a few weird internet cat pictures can also be found here. (Not all of them are in the "I'm in ur..." format. For example.)


Where is Maggie? The one she and RTO posted of the Vikins with Led Zepplin playing was HYSTERICAL!

maggie katzen

that was all RTO's posting. I have no idea where he found it.

loved the kitty pics.


One of my regular reads was in the South Pacific recently and came up with this one.

Sereena X

My doggies! Thanks, Gail.


I love your doggies, Sereena.

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