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Rob B.

Did I ever tell you tha I hate left handed people? Sure do, they hold me back in this life. I dare say that I'm downright against them, well except all the ones that I know and never have a problem with.

And that right there is racism in a nutshell. The whole "I'm superior to a class of people but not it's individuals that I know who are just peachy" mindset. It happens as a combonation of arrogance and poorly formed sterotypical characterization, which is inevitably proven wrong when individual meet.

It's the stupidest human concept to surface in recorded hstory, with the possible exception of "the clapper."


thoughtful, interesting post ... i'm guessing that this relates somewhat to michael richards?


I wasn't thinking of Michael Richards. I was thinking of some of the Guardian readers who came over here the other day to abuse me because I disapproved of Malachi Ritscher's professed desire to murder Donald Rumsfeld. They claim to be humane and liberal, but in fact they are personally abusive to people who disagree with them even on matters of interpretation and personally bloody minded toward political opponents. They love humanity; it's people they can't stand. If people have to hate at all, I'd rather they hate humanity and love people than the other way around.

Rob B.

Add to that one other element, the internet emboldens people to make thoughtless and hateful comments because they believe that they are consequence free. It's the same thing that causes road rage. You have a person you don't know in a position that can't touch you and you find offensive so you feel that you don't have to show any consideration. Of course, face to face it's doubtful that they'd express their feeling with the same attitude because suddenly you are in reach and you can be effected by the consequences of what you say.

It's the false power of anonimity becuase as we all know, everyone is accessable at some level and if a person is driven enough they will find you. They're just lucky that Gail is a good person who actually values thinking, even if it differs with her opinions, as opposed to someone like me who's into petty vindictivness carried beyond rational limits. She also speels better but that's ok, I've found more oil so to each his, or her, own.


Rob, you speel just fine.

Rob B.

Yeah, but if I don't get it togather, since I'm in school, John Kerry says i might get stuck in Iraq. I'm not sure that I want that because being fair skinned, I'm so prone to sunburn and Iraq to Dallas is a bad school commute.

ken (a different one!)

Off topic, but Rob's comment reminded me of working construction in Dallas in the summer. Being the only non-black or non-Hispanic, and because of a play on my name, I was dubbed "da white boy." Two days later my nickname was changed to "da red boy."


Oh, and as to the original topic, my first thought was that the posters and your uncle share the common thread of hatred through anonymity. Looks like your uncle could overcome that through knowing someone he thought he hated. I'm not sure of the posters you mention. (Yeah, Rob probably covered this better too)

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