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And here I was going to book myself into a sleep clinic. I wonder if Blue Cross will pay for a trip to Australia... to learn to play of course.


You know, you can get these didgeridoos online for 35.00-250.00.. What a cool instrument.. I want one.


Oddly enough I was told by an Aussie girl I dated that my snoring resembles the droning of the didgeridoo. I'm not sure if that was a compliment..

Den of Imp Shell (Pixie)

...can cats play didgeridoos? I need to know because the only one who snores around here is Oscar... it is DREADFULLY loud and wakes me up!


Our cat Blessing snores as well. He's so cute though. Except when he throws up in my tub and I don't find it until morning.

Zsa Zsa

So? If your husband snores? AND he climbs into bed with that Big horn? Uh... then what? Hmmm.

Major John

I think my wife would rather have the digideroo to use to hit me over the head ... that would be a cure. Sort of.

Bob Cuddy

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