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I love it ! Go Ethiopia! Go Crusaders! Let the Muslims play the insurgency card.. The Ethiopians arent worried about appearances and world opinion.. They'll go Hutu on their jihadi asses..

Zsa Zsa

Radical Islamic trouble makers won't be happy until the entire globe are dead or rid of Christians or any other religious group. The UN is worthless and UNproductive right on cue as usual...

Major John

Busy days for JTF Horn of Africa...

I don't think the Ethiopians will stay long, so the TG had better get it right this time. WOuldn't do to have to fight this one all over again in a year or two.


We already TRIED to fight it once under Clinton. Let's hope the Ethiopians have two more than Clinton had.

Den of Imp Shell (Pixie)

...but... I thought the two that Clinton had were what got him in to so much trouble with... oh. Nevermind.

*off to find Jake*

Rob B.

Actually it as the fact that interns don't swallow...

Wow, that's abrasive for even me....

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