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Here's to all our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines at home and abroad, and especially to RTO in Afghanistan. May the New Year bring you safely home.

prairie biker

welsh rarebit!

that's a kind of toast, isn't it?


With cheese on top!


Here's to the breezes
That blow through the treeses
That lift the skirts
Above the kneeses
And reveal the spot that teases,
Pleases, and spreads diseases

Here's to the breezes

maggie katzen

Champagne for my real friends
and real pain for my sham friends!


Here's to it
Up to it, down to it
And all around to it

If you can't do it
You oughta be tied to it
And made to do it

If you still can't do it
Let me do it
Cuz I love to do it

Here's to it

Rob B.

My Grandfather's scottish drinking toast:

To as good as you are and as bad as I am,
To as bad as I am and as good as you are,
But as bad as I am and as good as you are,
I'm as good as you are , as bad as I am.

Not bad for a intoxicated Baptist.
God Bless and happy new years.

(funny, I spell good when I'm toasted)

Scott P

Happy New Year, gang! Here's looking up yer kilts.

Zsa Zsa

Cheers to love in our hearts!

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