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I imagine he was also Catholic and the Virgin Padme Amidala... uhh.. I mean.. "Mary".. does play a very central role...However, just like many other Renaissance artists he makes the understandable error of forgetting to include the baby Leia.. No problem though.. He was born about 360 years too early to have been exposed to the NEW new testiment (King Lucas Edition) .. plus Leia wasn't much of a character anyway and the buns on her head were very unattractive.. I can totally understand why they'd hide her in the background with the farm animals.. She's kinda like Meg on Family Guy if ya know what I mean..


Yes, the bun in the back is definitely more attractive.


I think Baby Leia is in that basket down on the left... That makes the composition balanced and symmetrical.


Maybe she's in the potato sack.


Is the man at the door the mangey manger manager mocking the former oven bun?

Jake Holmes

Ha cha cha! Ya still got it Jon... Long time no see! Merry Christmas!


Right back atcha, Jake! Merry Christmas!

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