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On a positive note, he was also the inventor of Hot Crossed Buns.


Naturally occuring uranium isn't very radioactive at all. So he was probably "funct".

At worst, his children would have a slightly higher risk of superheroitis. Which would result in the worst origin story and costume ever.


I dont have a comment on the miner and his glowing gonads but I do have a science question of sorts..

What happens to all the feces that is generated each day? Seriously.. If this country has 300 million people producing an average half pound a day.. Thats 150 million pounds A DAY.. or about 55 BILLION pounds a year.. Lets call that about 27 MILLION TONS a year... Where does it all go? 1.27 BILLION tons have been produced in the US alone during my lifetime.. Where are they keeping all this useless crap? Is it the same place that all the crappy cars and RVs go when no one wants them anymore? How much room does it take up? Is there one state designated to store it in? this is really a scary thought...


I'll look into it once my wireless connection gets over the hiccups.


If your per capita figures are correct RanXeroX, there's at least 10,000 lbs in my old plugged leach field. Seriously, I think the waste naturally breaks down and is leached back into the earth, even in large sewage systems. Except in New Jersey, of course.

prairie biker

Don't ask questions you don't really want to know the answer to.


My BIL runs a sewage treatment plant in Oklahoma.

Major John

"This Belgian mining engineer, now probably defunct..."

Shouldn't that read "This Belgian mining engineer, the last of his line..."?

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