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The real sorrow about this is that per EPA which the state has to follow, requires dead animals to be covered with dirt immediately to prevent such horrible things. This is the Bird that represents our Country and to live in Alaska and see so many one show seel blessed and protective about the bird, and what something to change so that it didn't happen that way again. Man is taking too much from the animals and pushing them too far. If someone was caught killing an Eagle it would be federal time, well, someone did, whoever was responsible for covering the deer with deer caused that eagle's death, here in Texas you'd be in jail, it would be no different that manslaughter, but murder all the same. Please treasure what you have in Alaska, it is so sacred and precious, fight to keep man from changing that part of the world as much as possible, and please for the rest of us Americans who don't have the ability to see such wonderful times in real life, honor them for us, Keep them sacred and protected, I felt that this article was all too lighthearted and "OH, Well, dumb bird"


Probably the writer realized, as most writers do, that very few readers care to be lectured and most of them prefer to draw their own moral inferences without assistance from their betters. The point you make about the carcass disposal regulations is an interesting one, and I think it could stand alone without the histrionics, but that's a writing teacher talking. Of course you're free to write any way you want on your own dime.


The spokesperson says it was in a landfill, not lying out in the wild by the way.


Let this be a lesson to all who order take-out.

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