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Now I know why the quote wasn't "You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Bangalore?"


I would eat at McDonald's in India - that McCurry Pan sounds fantastic.


Sean M.

I wonder if the Chicken Maharaja Mac™ comes with secret sauce.


All of those look pretty good to me.


It just goes to show that crap can be made to suit any culture, taste (or lack of), sensibility or lifestyle... Bleecchhh!

I do love the catch phrase "I'm lovin it.." Now for a laugh, say that with the 7/11 accent..

Thank you... Come again..


They sound a lot better than the stuff they sell us.

Zsa Zsa

EeeeeeeooooooWah! Imagine McDonalds in Japan? Raw... It is too early to grose myself out like this.

Miss Cellania

No beef or pork at the Indian restaurants around here, either ("around here" being at least an hour's drive to the nearest...argh!) but if you get tired of chicken, there's goat meat on the buffet. It makes me wonder if mutton is just too expensive.

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