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Snorri Snorlsen

... and that begs the question; Do Dutchmen say 'You talk like a Dutchman' ? If so, what do they mean when they say it?

Jake (of Dutch/English heritage)

Something to think about.

If your mother had often said 'You talk like a negro', you wouldnt be asking this question..

Just an observation =)


I'm pretty sure that in her vocabulary "Dutchman" meant German (ie, Deutsch-man). That's how it was usually used in Cincinnati.She was of English descent, and the English looked down on the Germans (Although my mother married one, which means that I'm half "Dutchman")


It's the same principle as "That's Greek to me" but I've never heard it used with "Dutch" except by my mother (and her older relatives)

Major John

Wouldn't work in my family...My Dad speaks Dutch and I know German, heh heh.

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