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This isn't a fashion statement that you're currently making is it? Because that could explain a lot about your back. Hmmmm?


Considering my last experience with neck traction, no effin way.

Scott P

That's just wrong. And freaky.

Zsa Zsa

I like this look a little better than the lip ring stretch thing. Gail, did you ever get on the traction machine? I loved it! I was in a car wreck and I kept telling people, I wish someone would just pick me up by the head. Of course everyone looked at me rather odd. BUT when I got to the physical therapist and told them that, they sort of did with that wonderful machine!


Unfortunately it didn't work that way for me. I think it's because there are a couple of different things wrong with my neck, and when they pulled one way they helped one thing and hurt the other.

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