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James Cameron needs to lie down with a cool cloth on his head for the rest of his life.


A coworker was making me crazy out of my mind in the lunch room not long ago telling me about a book based on the above. He finished his endless huffing by stating it would prove Joseph Smith was right.

I stopped listening way before we got to that part.


I wish people would stop talking through their hats.


What does that mean, Gail? It's the third time I've heard the expression in as many days.


Pixie, relate this story to your Joseph Smith friend:

There was a troupe of mentally challenged youth who could nonetheless sing beautifully and indeed toured various churches in their short bus to entertain the congregations with their angelic voices. But they would never, ever accept honoraria from the church staff for their hard work. The bus driver explained, "They naturally have very simple needs - money means nothing to them. All they really want is a diet soft drink and an apple for their hard work. In fact, that's how they got their name:

The Moron Tab and Apple Choir."


LOL!!!!! Okay... I would, but that would require speaking to him and I spend the better portion of the day AVOIDING him... (Jon Doe can relate.)


"They probably had as many Jesuses as both baseball leagues combined and more Marys than a pancake breakfast at St. Pat's. Pull the other one, as the English say, it has got bells on."

Absolute gold.

Rob B.

James Cameron? He did the Terminator movies!
You know he's going to get sued by scientology if he claims that it's all due to aliens or robots in the future.

Tim Nelson

I find it hillaroius that there are so many people in this world willing to comment on things that they literally know nothing about. Ignorance is basing your whole life on one book , blindly believing literally everthing in it ,even though history has shown [And you can really look this up I swear] the contents have been modified many times over. Get real, the bible was written during a time of extreme ignorance. They didn’t even have schools back then. It has been rewritten, Edited and retranslated by Popes, Kings, Governments, and Churches alike. If there really is a God and Jesus really was his son, noone who walks this earth today could possibly know the real story. Now if there is not sufficient scientific evidence to prove the validity of Cameron’s assertions in his documentary, the skeptical thinking mind will look for answers elsewhere. But make no mistake the skeptical mind will ,in the interest of examining all the facts, watch and analyze this documentary. If more people were inclined to get all of the facts before opening their ignorant mouths this would be a much more peaceful world. Is it so hard to admit that you just don’t know? Do you really need someone to tell you what is right and wrong? Maybe you just like being part of a group? If there is a God he gave you free will so you could think for yourself not so you would have to pay a preacher to do it for you. Use your mind and check out the facts and don’t be so quick to judge without seeing. Otherwise, you sound like a complete moron ready to burn the witch.

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