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Marco McClean

Gail, it's one of those cognitive thingies you were talking about before. Karaoke Polyps would be a great name for a musical group of medicated waifs, except that Karaoke Polyp is the perfect name for the lead singer of such a group, and then it can't be the name of the group. But Karaoke Polyp And The Karaoke Polyps can be a song they release, whose lyrics are the title over and over because it's so fun to say... except that beyond not being Karaoke Polyps they will never go for the name /The/ Karaoke Polyps, because it would be like /The/ Pink Floyd, which is just wrong.
This sort of thing is why garage bands spend more time thinking up names than practicing, and probably it's one of the reasons people sing karaoke; they don't have to go through this-- they can just drink and sing.


They get stuck in an infinite cognitive loop. Spooky.

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