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prairie biker

It was probably Kent trying to sabotage your lazer vision.


msybe it would help to rest yuor eyed


Best wishes. My company deals with similar vascular conditions but in the brain, so it's beyond my lay expertise. Sounds like your doctors are intent on finding the reason as well as you.

Although you could describe your vision as Guiccone-esque. Has a nice ring to it.

Scott P

Hope it clears up soon, Gail. It must be really frustrating.


Eye patch ... I'm telling ya, it'll look sexy.


Eye patch ... I'm telling ya, it'll look sexy.

Especially in that hottie cat suit!

oooooh baybeeeee!


I hope any treatments the docs prescribe work quickly.

Get well. (I do like Carin's and Pixie's thoughts, however. Different colors and jewels for all occasions. Accessorize. That's the ticket!)


What about combing your hair over that eye, kind of like Hitler?


Or Veronica Lake

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