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Gail!!!! I am NOT kidding you - I was frozen for a moment; I remember watching a black and white film (yannow, the kind on projectors?!) in 7th grade and the title was THE SAME. They showed it during P.E. - right after the black and white "Menstruation" (how to properly safety-pin the pillow into your Moddess belt, WTF?) movie and the black and white "How Money ruined this Marriage" movie.

Oh my.

*Announcer's voice*: Pixie, this is your life!!!!!!




Totally o/t: Gail, how is your eye?


I for one love heavy petting. And I don't mind being coarse.


Still blurry. If it's going to clear up at all, it will probably take at least a week or so. I'm going to see the ophthamologist on the 20th and in the mean time my regular doc is having me do a stress test and a carotid artery sonogram to rule out any cardiovascular problems that might have caused the bleed.

prairie biker

does anyone happen to have Mary's number, by the way?


I think it starts 1-900-

prairie biker

she needs one of those shirts moon_grrl has on her site:

"it's not whoring if you do it for free"


mmmmmm... Gail, your BP is okay, right? Carotid Doppler... good, I was hoping so.

Jules... of course you don't mind being coarse... read the ingredients in SS! You are the SPICE OF LIFE sistah! That's a good thing, yannow.

Mmmmmmm heavy petting... IT'S NOT JUST FOR CATS!

prairie biker

ooooo Shell.

Heavy petting is precisely what every CAT needs.


Computer Assisted Thermography?


What am I missing? There are no colored links here for me to follow (not that I follow the red ones or anything.)

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