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Honestly? I was just looking up at the bare stud rafters and silver foil insulation here at work... thinking they should have designed this place with a roof that opens for days like today.

...thinking I might try to catch the Sonoran Festival of Fine Arts tomorrow...

... I'm not unlike the internet. LOL


Yay! My mammogram is over for another year. Nothing like a good painful boobsmash. I got back at them by stealing a magazine.


Just realized my wife has another Saturday and Sunday seminar again this weekend. So I'll have a precocious three year old and a teething 10-month old to myself. Heaven help us all!

They did very well a couple of weeks ago, so here's hoping for a repeat of that...


Oh... one of the most appropriate photos ever added to a news story.


Uhm, I got a haircut.That's kinda exciting. My "fun" for the day - I bought some flower seeds to start indoors. I'm also going to start my dalias (sp? I think there is an "h"in there? dahlia?) indoors so they bloom earlier than last year.

Oh, and SUSHI for dinner!


And, I'm still gonna argue with the "great" versus "good" book thing. As in, "Oh, you have to read "Stranger in a Strange Land" - it's a GREAT book.

A good book ... "Kitefier" is a good book.

In my mind, there are "the Giants", great books, good books, quick reads (Steven King), stupid trash (a category haven't read since I hit my twenties, but romance novels), and finally(worst of all)-total crap- those books you throw across the room after thirty pages.


Ken, Hah! That's excellent.


I put together my new shoe tree. I had to get one. Since I've been running Men's Shoes, I've, um, accumulated a few pairs. The number one sign that you're living in an alternate universe: Your wife says, "You've got to stop buying shoes!"

Finally cleaned off the glass table on the patio and dragged out the chair cushions. It's gorgeous here today. Oh, and listened to Don & Mike while I played video games.

prairie biker

spent lunch over in danville for some arraignments. got to see the group of russians from jersey who got caught trying to get some fake ids. a couple of the chicks were pretty hot.


Oh my goodness. Gail. I just saw Brianna and Chuckie at CVS with their FATHER. He's 6'4" and maybe 145 pounds... looks 80 years old and couldn't stand still or make eye-contact... or finish a sentence. I gave him my number "in case he needed help with the kids"... I hope he's not smoking that stuff around them... he smelled like it!!!!! My heart is breaking.

I'm asking for prayers that the kids are okay; I'm trying to get ahold of Alma to see if I can just go get them...

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