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Rob B.

I'm getting killed at work, since it's spring break, but i thought this article might interest you.


Rob B.


Here, I threw two returns in to get the link to post. Sorry.


Well, since global-warming deniers are putting the WORLD AT RISK, the death threats are appropriate.

Or something like that.


I hope that was a snark, Carin.

The whole argument has been over-politicized. To think that the miniscule amounts of CO2 (compared to natural emissions) that man has thrown into the atmosphere are the sole source of global warming (small letters used intentionally) is pure chutzpah. Man isn't that important to the life and survival of this planet. No species is.

To ignore our ignorance of the terribly complex system and try to say we "know" what makes it tick is just plain foolish.

And just why do those who claim we are the ones creating all the heat dismiss the solar fluctuations which have occurred/are occurring? Fluctuations which hard evidence proves have caused temperatures to rise and fall in the past.

Those who scream and shout to incite the mob are just as guilty of the ensuing violence as those wielding the torches and pitch forks.


Rob, great article. Thanks for the link.


Me? Snark?

Does the Pope wear a funny hat?**

**Acceptable joke for a papist to make.

Rob B.

Do Baptist like softball and fried chicken? ***

Suitable joke for Southern Baptist and anyone that has evey had to play our chicken eating teams at softball


Cute guys. ;-)


"Great Steaming Loads of Free-Floating Aggression" was the title of my first album.

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