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Melissa Johnson

And I just re-read my initial comment. Gah. Starting point? Sorry. I must've been tired. It would be an inclusive course all on its own!

Jake the Steppenwolfherring

You need a list of the best sorted by genre or style.. Lumping 'The Best' all together is like saying Beethoven was the best, but not the Beatles.. DaVinci but not Picasso.. Fellini but not Tarantino.. Passadat but not Rachel Ray... Rocco Siffredi but not Ron Jeremy..


Last year I read "Fortunata and Jacinta" by Benito Pérez Galdós. For those that enjoy Dickens, I highly recommend diving into 19th century Madrid through Galdós' eyes.


Carin, I think Middlemarch was a great accomplishment and a great novel. I'm not crazy about it though, and I agree that it's pretty boring. I was trying to give Eliot a fair shake even though I don't recommend the novel all that highly except to specialists. Portrait of a Lady is one of my favorite books of all time. I'm not a big James fan, but that one is an exception.


In my lexicon, Great means "literary giant," and good means "a very good book but not a literary giant." I guess "Stranger" could be considered a genre giant.

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