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Melissa Johnson

Haven't read nearly as much as I ought (some of the above), though the husband read Gulag and is much impressed with himself for that feat. He also read Speer's Spandau Diary and now claims he won't read anything more than the hockey scores. I think it broke his reading meter. But your list would be a good starting point for anyone...


It's basically the cream of the material I was tested on for mastery of the field in English when I was in the English lit PhD program long ago.


Hey, come on, where's "Peyton Place?" Or "Valley of the Dolls?"

And you have an extra "e" in "Ulysses," too.


Of the 43 you listed I'm pretty sure I've read about 32. I might throw in some Hardy and Forster. And Jack London.


...got any use for Updike?


Craig my e's must be out of whack.


JW, I never much liked London. I don't know why. They must be "boy books." (Although I usually favored those when I was a kid.) I did put in Forster's Passage to India, and I debated on Hardy. I probably should include one of his, but I'm trying to decide if it should be Tess or Jude.


My boys LOVE Jack London.

And, I refuse to allow you to call Bradbury merely "Good" - you're going to have to come up with some other terms. lol. Perhaps you can call your first list "the Giants" Or something.


And, I'm gonna have to question the inclusion of "Portrait of a Lady" and (so far- I'm on page 200) "Middlemarch."

Because that's the way I roll.

Melissa Johnson

I've been wanting to read Henry James now for a while. I've gotten through the shorter fiction and Washington Square. In fact, I want to read through that whole list and fill in the gaps EXCEPT for Solzhenitzen. He scares me :D

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