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Scott P

Morning, all. It's a fine mornin' for painting.


Morning! Need something to paint Scott???

Why is it that no matter what time I go to bed, morning always comes at the same time: too soon?

It's Friday Eve - I shouldn't complain!

Happy Friday Eve!


Gail - saw this at RSM's place, it's crazy. I can't hear anything under the 49 - mark.

Mosquito Ringtones


One hour of sleep.
Which means my mood today will be thunderstorms.


That was wild. I could hear the 39 and under one (barely), but my kids could hear ton more. They thought it was hilarious.


All those unsuspecting teachers... yikes!

Rob B.

I'd get those tones for my dog but he perfers to IM


Ooooh, keep an eye on that Rob. My cat's text messaging bill was nearly $200.00 last month!


Oye,I may have to curse Gail. I've got that rolled oats thing baking right now.


Take a picture! Tell us how it comes out.

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