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Good morning!


I didnt se a "FIRST!" in the previous comment....so...


Scott P

Durn, you fellas are up and at 'em early.


Hi Sean! Hi Jake! Hi Scott! Hi Gail! Hi every body! KNOW WHAT TODAY IS???? Woot woot, woot woot, woot woot!!!! It's "No Alarm Clock Tomorrow Eve"! Woot woot!


The gray. The gray is better.

Okay. So Ben is trying to go to sleep and the neighbor's yard service shows up and starts up the leaf blower. He can't sleep through the leafblower. But he needs a two-hour nap or he'll cry and scream all afternoon and evening. Super. I'm so happy about this. Perhaps the asshole with the leafblower would like to come over when Ben starts shrieking and take care of him.

Rob and April seem good with boys. Think I could ship out two more to them??


Couldn't you tell the neighbor to shut up?


I HATED it when people kept my babies awake.

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