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Scott P

Cool. I dig that.


You can dig one for me too.


Ok, now don't they have these all over the place in Ohio? It's funny, because I can't find anything online, but there have been these things in Ohio for as long as I can remember (granted, we're only going back to my college days.) All the articles I find, speak of it as a European thing. But, there are lots of these up in Northern Ohio - a state with absolutely NO natural lakes (they're all man made). I want to say they may call them something else, though.


Although I still like hearing about going out to the cee-ment pond with Ellie Mae...


Carin, if Ohio is anything like north-central PA, every farm/house with more than a few acres will have a pond to be used in the case of fire (no hydrants) but they are usually nothing more than catch basins for natural runoff, streams or springs. They don't have the filtration system this story is talking about. As a result they tend to get muddy and murky bottoms (unless it's a real good spring that's feeding the pond) and the water is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing unless aerated.

The ponds talked about in the story require pumps to help filtrate the water or at least pull it over the gravel. Unless these are solar powered pumps, you're talking energy and dollars to keep them clean.


So basically they work like tropical fish aquariums!


Carin, what do you mean, "We're only going back to my college days?"


No - these that I see are swimming things. My husband's partner told us all about them - how it's a big "trend." They are outfitted with swim platforms, etc.

Craig- be nice. I'm still (for now) under forty.


Ah, the eternal 39?

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