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OOOOOH! I want one! Think my HOA would let me install one on the waterfront?


I knew you'd want one. I just knew it.


That's really really cool.


Damn. Could there be anything cooler than that? I mean really.

JWebb, get one. Have us over for the most surreal barbecue ever.


Ding ding ding! Carin, yay for synchronicity.
How's your dad?


He's ok. He's totally off one of his BP medications. One more to go, and perhaps they take him off the vent (looking more like Sunday at this point.) We were afraid he might lose his other leg, but that one is looking good for now. All this from a bacterial infection (fascia is the term they use) - his body is still fighting the infection. Hopefully, he's winning.

Coming off the vent is going to SUCK. He's sedated, but he'll have to be free of sedation, and pain medication for it's removal (and the hours of trials while they determine he's breathing on his own.)


Pretend I was gramatically correct up there.

Scott P

It gets your under toe a-tappin', don't it?


What an ordeal for all of you.


God bless you, Carin. I'm still praying for you all.

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