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james wilson

That is a wonderful link, both illuminating and hilarious. We cannot beat that combination.
Both Johnson and Dryden are fellows of my book, so this is of special interest. I shall need to be more diligent in availing myself of your services on language.
Flowers, parks, museums, and arcitecture are civilizing influences for civilized people, but for fellows like me, this is how you do it!
The society of women is the foundation of good manners.
The nature of a woman is closely allied to art.


You know Beautiful English is my "other blog," right?

Yes, but I am only now properly shamed to going over to the site. I'll be spending some time there.
Grunts and gesticulations had been sufficient to now.


Great! I'm glad you like it. There was just something about the way you phrased the first comment that made me think you didn't know.

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