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Okay, but what happens if you don't have the leg strength to get up one of those big hills and you get stuck?

*panic attack*.


My thoughts exactly, Pixie. Do they send in a chopper?


Look at the frigging restraining system, there. That's just insanity.


Is that SanFranciscoland I see in the background?


"Look at the frigging restraining system.."

Hahaha that reminds me something someone told me when I lived in Italia..

I visited an old stone castle in Verona and atop the walls I was surprised to see people walking freely without a safety rail in sight.. From the walkway there was a vertical drop of a good three or four stories to a stone courtyard..A fall would almost certainly kill a person. I asked an Italian friend that was with us why there weren't protective rails.. He answered that Italians dont need them, they know not to walk off the wall..

Maybe the Japanese simply know to hold on for dear life...


it is quite crazy.

fun roller coaster.

whoa that was fun.

the bikes are blue.

the roller coaster is white.

be happy.


Nice poem, Gabby!

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