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Thank you for calling Behavioral Health Services. For English, press one. Para Espanol a prima dos.

Behavioral Health Services, how may I help you?

Um... hi. I have worms in my teeth.

I see. Can I have the policy holder's group number?

Yes, it's 123456-789.

Thank you ma'am, one moment please...
thank you for holding. It would appear we need prior authorization to treat tooth worms. Ear worms are covered but unfortunately at this time we will need prior authorization to treat tooth worms. We ask that you call back tomorrow during regular business hours.

Um. Okay, but they really hurt.

I'm sorry ma'am but unless they reach pupae stage and evolve into full blown ear-wigs, there's nothing we can do. Have you contacted your local urgent care facility?


I cant hear you.



That reminds me, I should put up the old earwig post for our new readers.



Don't forget that "penis fish" while you're at it!

Hi Gail!


Hi Pixie!

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