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I really liked that, especially the way Cowell's head snapped up as he took notice.


His jaw dropped too.


Well... He was no Sanjaya or anything.. but he was alright.. =)

That's the first time I've ever heard Simon Cowell say anything nice...


Wow. The comment about a frog turning into a prince was appropriate in more ways than one. Damn. Wait til Maggie sees that.


That's enough to bring a tear to one's eye. Goose-bumps, indeed!


Simon says nice stuff all the time. He really does give praise to the people who deserve it and shreds the no-talents.


I actually like Simon Cowell. I think most of the time he's spot-on, and if it's warranted (as here), he's very encouraging. No funny business, though. As far as him being mean...heck, it's basically an audition. Those aren't exactly fun and games anyway.

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