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There was one prescient 'researcher' who knew the dire foreboding of noctilucent clouds as far back as 1992:
"Noctilucent clouds have begun to appear more often because of a huge buildup of methane gas in the atmosphere."
"Shouldn't it startle us that we have now put these clouds in the evening sky which glisten with a spectral light? Or have our eyes adjusted so completely to the bright lights of civilization that we can't see these clouds for what they are - a physical manifestation of the violent collision between human civilization and the earth?"

Al Gore "Earth in the Balance"

That's right. WE put those clouds there. All hail the Goracle and his internets!!

maggie katzen

oh, speaking of the Goracle... RTO and I took this quiz last night.


found at American Digest.


Well, I just think they're pretty.

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