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Major John

I always thought TB was some quaint old thing, long gone. Then I kept seeing people coming to court from the Kane County Jail with masks on....then I went to Afghanistan and watched as we screened out dozens and dozens of local workers as being active TB carriers...ugh.


And now there's this Atlanta lawyer with a very virulent strain of it who's in quarantine and who may have infected dozens of people on trans-Atlantic flights.

maggie katzen

yeah, and everytime I hear that story some new interesting tidbit is added. Dude's father-in-law works for the CDC?


It's the control of diseases such as TB that have allowed humans to contemplate smaller families of one or two children. With TB, flu, small pox,and Lord knows what else, larger families were required. Without them the children lost before age 20 could not be replaced so easily.

If this character's father-in-law worked with TB at CDC and he (the stricken one) still went on his globe hopping jaunt knowing he had TB.... Idiots.


Didn't his doctor tell him that he was all clear? He could be around people and not worry about infecting them. No symptoms, clear chest X-rays, no coughing, not contagious.

amount beer in keg

Vulgar language during primetime TV is, is not okay

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