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1st! Good Morning..

Scott P

Morning, everyone. What's the good word?


NOT "needle"

Scott P

When do you go, Gail?



Scott P

Good luck. we'll be praying that it goes well.


Today is mulch day. I have cleared the old mulch. The small, useful bits had disintegrated away to nothing, leaving large unuseful pieces that were not only not useful but also ugly. So I raked away useless mulch, hoed out the weeds, hacked out the weeds, pulled out the weeds, salvaged as much topsoil as possible, put it back and then topped off with nice fresh mulch from some tree company's shredder. Now mulch is a weird thing. There's bagged up mulch which costs the very earth. There's delivered-to-your-house-by-a-mulch-company mulch which costs only slightly less than the very earth per square foot, but you've got to buy a lot of it and they "install" it. With a hose. It's very clean and nice smelling and pleasant looking mulch. Still, costs slightly less than the very earth. Then there's mulch from the wood chipper. Which isn't so much mulch as wood chips with tree debris thrown in for good measure. Not nice. You have to build yourself a screen and sift out the big crap before you use it. Not for us. And sometimes you can get lucky and have a tree service company deliver shredded tree bits. Totally different beastie than the wood chips. Holds moisture nicely, no big pieces, nice moisture level. Just the stuff to put on your flower beds. That's what we put out there today. And now, I'm exhausted.

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