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Good morning!

Scott P

Hiya, Jake. Morning, all.


Morning everybody!

Scott P

How's your eye today, Gail?


It doesn't sting anymore, so that's an improvement. It still looks like there are sliced black olives floating around in oil across my field of vision, but that's supposed to go away in a couple of days. (I'm seeing the medication itself before it's absorbed into my retina). The main problem is that my neck hurts from the procedure and from awkward sleeping positions (I have to sleep with my head propped way up). I'm taking pain meds, so I'll probably spend much of the day lolling around stupidly.

Scott P

Bummer about the pain, but it sounds like it went well, at least.

Let the air travel gods be smiling today.


Hey, if you can get meds that produce sweet peppers and feta cheese, you'll have a Greek salad.


It's true. The black olives are making me hungry.

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