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Scott P

Morning, everyone. Home. It has a wonderful ring to it.

Work. Not so much with the ringing.


Morning Scott. Did you carry the bride over the threshold?

Scott P

Only over the threshold of heat prostration... It was still pretty hot when we got home.


Jott. Hmmm. Too short.
Schooly. Don't like the sound of it.

Julieott. Scottly. Oooh. Nice

Scottly and Julieott. There. Extra names for y'all! I don't know what you can do with them but they're yours now.

I'm off to clean the house.

Anyone want to buy a beautiful 1999 Jeep Cherokee Limited? Black. Trailer hitch. Brush guards. Catback Exhaust. Cool air intake. Three inch lift. Tinted rear windows....What do you mean there aren't a lot of teenage boys who read this blog??!!

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