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Perfect! Just perfect. I'm so happy for y'all.

prairie biker

hey! waitaminit! julie r-u-n-n-o-f-t for a week and durn come back with TAN lines!


Perfect perfect perfect perfect!!!!


Oh so pretty. Lisianthus in the bouquet, or roses? In any case, just lovely.

Many happy returns. Though the kitty litter cake, that was gross :D I'm so glad Greg never knew of such things back when we got married, 'cause we'd definitely have done something along those lines!

Scott P

Well, that was a shock seeing those...

It was a great day. Do you have more pictures of the deluge?


As much as I detest photos of me, I'm too happy to care.

Thanks for everything, Gail


You should always be too happy to care.


Anyway, you looked gorgeous.


Thank you. I was busting with Happy.

Rob B.

Fashionably late but "Congrats!"
I sincerely wish you guys the best.

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