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Scott P

Morning, all! It's a foin, foin day for a trip.

prairie biker

have a safe trip scott. we'll see ya in the morning.

Scott P

Thanks, PB. Hopefully there will be a bit of competence to American Airlines today. We've sure had terrible luck with them the last half dozen flights.


You should fly united, Scott.


See you when you get here Scott!

Scott P

I loves me the free Sky Harbor wifi.

United is way more expensive to Indy, Diana. American with one stop is uber cheap, and the quality of service reflects that.

When do we see you, Gail?


Whenever you want. We'll definitely be over on Sunday some time.

Scott P

Cool, see you then!! PB and I are headed out to pick up some lumber tomorrow morning. I hope Panera opens early, so I can grab a cup of coffee.


Diana prefers to fly United, I'd prefer to fly Diana. Hey, a guy can dream...

What's this Scott and PB are up to - you guys building a burning man or somp'n?


MC, they gotta build a dividing wall between my stuff and the back of the UPS freight truck. UPS will put packages in the room that's left.
OK, no. It's a burning man. :)

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