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Scott P

Morning, all. Thanks for all the nice thoughts.

Truck's gone, now I'm loading the car. Hopefully we can be on the road by 9 or 10.

prairie biker

Drive safe Scott. Sedate Julie if you have to.


Have a great trip.


Have a great trip Scott 'n Julie.. Take your time... Drive slow and see the sights.. Find the soul of America..

..and when you get to Phoenix see if you can find out who's kidnapped Pixie.. I'm pretty sure Al Qaeda is behind her disappearance.. Probably retaliation for her constant support of the troops.. Or maybe far left anti-war wackos got her.. or Rosie O'Donnell.. someone snatched her.. find her before she ends up brainwashed and on YouTube babbling about Abu Ghraib....


Aren't they live-blogging the journey?? Rob live-blogged the birth of his child. The least they could do is blog the journey south. West. Southwest.

Where the hell is Jonathan?

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