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You have got to stop thinking so much. I'm doing an intervention. You're living in a sorority house for the rest of the summer.

prairie biker

A priest and a nun are traveling by camel across the desert and are soon running low on water. They travel many days without seeing an oasis and finally the camel succumbs.

The priest, having been an honorable and chaste man his whole decides that he doesn't wish to die without ever having known the pleasures of flesh. He drops his pants, grabs his member in his hand and says, "Sister! Do you know what this is?"

The nun, having also lived a chaste life since dedicating herself to the church at an early age replies, "No Father. I surely don't."

"Well Sister, with this rod here in my hand I can bring forth life upon this planet. This is the Staff of Life!"

The sister looks at him for a minute then answers, "Well Father, don't just stand there. Stick that up that camel's ass and let's get a move on!"

Locust Eater

So, don't be selfish, post your flatbread recipie! I am desparate to cook flat bread. I hear it is the pillow of life.


I would bake bread, but I prefer to loaf.


You could at yeast give it a rye, JWebb.






A guy goes into a bathroom to take a leak, and there's a dwarf at the urinal next to him. The guy can't help but notice that the little guy has a huge schlong. He says, "I don't want to sound queer, but man you have a big dick. I wish I had one that big."

The little guy says, "Well, you're in luck, then. It just so happens that I'm a leprechaun, and I can grant your wish. If you give me some head, I'll give you a nine-incher." The guy says, "Uh, no, I don't want one that bad."

They're standing at the sinks washing their hands, and the guy thinks to himself, "Yannow, I really do want one that bad." So he gives the the little guy some head, and after he's done, he says, "Man, I can't believe I'm getting a nine-inch dick!"

Little guy says, "Man, I can't believe you thought I was a leprechaun!"


I can't decided whether that joke lampoons pumpernickel or pullman loaf...


Hey, if you put some sauce and cheese and pepperoni on that staff of life then Pizza would be the new staff of life... Just a pointless observation..

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