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Ok, I can see not telling your wife stuff, but what better opportunity is there to attack your enema than when you're squatting to defecate? Oh......


Ha! That belching thing sounds like a rain-back though...


Why loosen your reins over a bridge?


It seems as if men had a great and clear understanding of many of the core truths about us as individuals,as people.. as a society.. hundreds of years ago, and for all of our 'advancements' all we've succeeded in doing is clouding the water and deluding ourselves..


"You rifle through every dish that's served: sow's paps, pigs ears,
enough woodcock for two, half a mullet and an entire pike,
filet of moray eel, a pullet thigh, a dove dripping with sauce.
When it is all wrapped well between the corners of an oil-soaked
napkin, you pass it to your servant who carries it home;
while we remain seated there and can do nothing.
Give us back our meal, if you have even the slightest shame.
I did not invite you for tomorrow."


Martial. Very erudite.


MV Martialis... a first century Charles Bukowski.


You loosen the reins going over a bridge, because tis dangerous for a horse.
They are often rickety, and sometimes the horse spookes if too tightly reined

if given his head..he can get across better than most people can guide them

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