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When I first moved to Seattle a decade ago we had little forest, maybe 4 or 6 square blocks in size, right next to our house. Tall, dense pine trees over a floor of lush ferns.. A dozen steps in and you forgot that you were in the middle of suburban city.. It was just filled with Marion Berry bushes as well, which as far as I can tell, are what the rest of the world calls Boysenberries.. Every year we'd take our (then) little kids out with pails pick a few flats worth, then take them home and cover them in sugar or bake them into deep dish cobblers .... Then one day bulldozers came and flattened the little forest and they built an upscale, gated retirement community in it's place..

I can still taste those those berries to this day.


We have black raspberry bushes in our back yard and we do the same thing.


Mmmmm. Love your story, Jake. I was there with you.

Wonderful pic, Gail.

Miss Cellania

Put them in a pie, and they'll look even better!

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