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prairie biker

Have a great trip! What fun!

Scott P

Have a safe trip, Laura. It's a wonderful part of the world, I hope you love it as much as I do. Or more, of course.


She wouldn't let me put up a picture of her, so I had to settle for the luggage and Charley.

Scott P

You don't think that Charley's planning on stowing away, do you?


I think he looks particularly mournful in that picture.

Scott P

I think pets know when suitcases come out, it's a bad thing for them.


First trip? What a great adventure you have waiting for you.. Say 'Hey' to Radiohead, U2 and Fearne Cotton for me.. Ok, maybe just Fearne.. see if you can get me her number.. I'll owe ya one.. ;-)


I am so envious... more importantly, I am so PROUD of you. You are doing something I would have never considered at your age. You are so brave.

Take lots of pictures and journal. This is the first of wonderful, big experiences of your life.


Paperclip is going to have a grand time! Have a grand time!! Eat some Indian food. But not from a roadside roach coach. Bleh! Avoid the Donner Kabob vans!

Oh, what fun, what fun.


She should arrive at Heathrow just before midnight my time.

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