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Man, I can't crack wise about Apu.. he's not a stereotype, he's a representative Indian person.. I grew up around Indian people in Central California..I've known many.. These are good people.. Come here with little, ask for nothing and work like dogs to get ahead. All the while keeping their Indian cultural identity while adopting American culture at the same time. I'm not slamming Latinos but if we had Indian people streaming across our southern border to get PhDs, to program our computers, to open businesses, and to become cardiologists and neurosurgeons (or just hard working everyday people..)... instead of joining violent street gangs, resisting assimilation into American culture and protesting loudly for the rights of a citizen without the responsibilities that come with becoming one... well, we'd probably be building bridges over the Rio Grande rather than fences..


I've loved all the Indians I've ever met.


They do have funny accents though =)

Hey Jim, d'ja hear that guy? He wants some peint.. peeeeintt.. peeeeeeiiinnntt.


In all fairness, if India was sitting on our southern border, the number of computer programmers/cardiologists coming over would be vastly outnumbered by the less skilled workers.

An Indian accent is quite lovely when it's attached to a female voice.


True.. True.. India on our southern border would be an even bigger problem than Mexico.. Plus, for all their ingenuity I doubt there's an Indian out there that can slap together a decent Carne Asada burrito.. and their Thuggees make the Mexican Mafia look like Nellie Boys.. Probably best just to leave India where it's at..

Oh, and Indian women? Two words.. Hot & Hot.. Think Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat..

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