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My TOP THREE favorite flowers in this order:

1. Carnations (they also smell like cloves sometimes).

2. Stargazer Lilies

3. Gardenias (a Billie Holiday thing).

You are SO LUCKY to be able to grow things like that... I get to see them in the 'florist' dept. at the Wal-o-evilllness... they would wilt away by the time I got them to the four-wheeled furnace.

Beautiful. Inhale. For me.


Gardening is a great joy, isn't it? Right now we're fighting with the drought and I think we're holding our own. We have nothing this lovely, though.

Scott P

Beautiful, Gail. Nice shooting.


Right behind that flower is the door that leads to Sami and Charley.


You should see my floor Julie. I've put down heavy duty clear plastic sheeting over all the wall-to-wall carpets and duct-taped it down, then laid old bath towels on top. Sami is responding to her insulin and doesn't pee in the house during the day, but at night, we're "covered" ...

prairie biker

yegads gail. we put up with diabetic cats for nearly a year. ugh.

that is a darn purty flower though. I need to get me a patch of em.

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