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Come. Let us have blueberry muffins and coffee before all hell breaks loose.


I've had almond biscotti and tea, and I miss my Paperclip.

Scott P

Good morning. At least you've got us, Gail. We're not quite as mature as Laura, but we'll have to do. Will she be able to call or email?

prairie biker

You're not passing out moldy muffins are you, Ana?

Locust Eater

Not Really A Spoiler

Harry Potter doesn't die
Instead he's merely killed

Hermionie will not marry him
Though Fleur does marry Bill

Dumbledore won't just stay dead
Snape and he are in cahoots

And Voldemort should have invested more
In wizard mourning suits

Remus gets an orphan,
And Albus goes to school

Mrs Weasley saves the day,
And Neville is no fool

And when the story's over
It starts over again

With the train to Hogwart's
And Potter's last girlfriend.

Scott P

I've seen a few of the Potter flicks, and thought they were really good, but none of the names of anything have stuck with me at all.


Not much happening in the blogosphere this morning.. Guess I'll go out for some nyotai mori and drunken karaoke then check back later..


Someone should tell our insurance adjuster that every hour that passes without a call from a mold abatement company is another hour for me to research industry standards and find the most complete remediation solution for our home. It's not going to be cheap, sir. Three days ago you could have sent me just about anyone and I would have been happy that you were attentive. Now, I don't trust you and I'm running my own remediation. Never leave a researcher hanging.


Heh. Good for you Ana.

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